Data Mining

Digital Doubles (DD)


  1. Users can hand over administration of their social media accounts to an artificial intelligence.
  2. The artificial intelligence adds people to your friend list following a certain algorithm taking into account the location and interests.
  3. The artificial intelligence manages the accounts of data miners so that they turn into a single large network.


  1. Users who want to engage in active sales can get a new tool to boost their sales.
  2. The digital double can engage in correspondence with an unlimited number of users.
  3. The user can use the digital double for sales, search for information, search for business partners and investors.

How it works

  1. When we need to sell a product or a service, the artificial intelligence itself chooses the strategy.
  2. Next, the artificial intelligence activates the digital doubles in each account of the miner.
  3. The digital doubles engage in conversation with the chosen friends who are in your target group.


  1. The digital double is anchored to any profile in social media that you specify.
  2. It uses the strategy you set and is under your full control as if it were a real person.
  3. The digital double also receives from you the primary sales script and engages in communication with your prospective clients.

Monetization models

  1. Miners receive a profit from each product and service sold by us.
  2. 80% of the amount goes to the miners, from whose accounts the buyers came, and 20% of the amount is split among all others.
  3. This way miners always receive a profit from each sale.

Monetization models

  1. You can get a digital double for free.
  2. We will connect your digital double if you place an order in the back.
  3. As you close your deals, we will suggest you connect your personal digital double.




The future is now

Soon, every human will have an AI platform account. The future when it would be inappropriate not to have an account on an AI platform is now.